August 20, 2019 1:47 pm
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    What is Cursillo?

    Cursillo, Spanish for “a short course”, is a ministry that has spread to other Christian denominations.

    The ministry aims to share the essence of Christianity and thereby gradually transform communities from within.

    Cursillo was conceived especially for the laity, but priests and religious are welcome to join. Organisers recommend that married couples participate together.

    The course, which usually starts on a Thursday afternoon and ends on a Sunday afternoon, is also helpful for those who have fallen away from the Church, as it stresses the fundamental aspects of Christianity.

    The weekend includes 15 talks (some given by priests and some by lay people), small group discussions, summaries, fellowship, meditation, songs, community meals, Eucharistic adoration, Mass, and reconciliation. A priest serves as the spiritual director.

    Cell Number: Lay Director: 082 493 2542
    Cell Number: Registrar: 083 209 1036
    Registrar Email:
    Spiritual Director Email:
    Telephone Number: Spiritual Director: 011 706 1314


    Telephone Number 082 493 2542 / 083 209 1036
    Email Address